See also: Methos, the Ascended Mage Prince

The Thing Beyond the Door was an Eldritch being with considerable influence over the history and present condition of the world of Sierna.

The Door Edit

The Door itself is made of a strange, otherworldly metal. It reflects and refracts light at impossible angles, making it difficult to focus one's eyes upon. Examination of the frame yields some scant evidence that the door was constructed somehow with the involvement of quicksilver. The room that contains it is itself affected by the door, being pulled in towards it, although each surface is perfectly level when measured. It is housed in The Tower of the Door.

History Edit

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The Door was constructed by Aztlan and Siebern in order to contact an Eldrich being to help Aztlan ascend to the role of High Priest of Xol.

Much later, a small group arrived on Sierna and quickly found the Door. The Thing Beyond the Door attempted to influence a member of the group, J. Paul Getty. It gifted him a firearm that drained part of the user's sanity when fired[CONFIRM].