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The Professor is the most widely known moniker for an unknown con-man who contributed to (and some speculate, orchestrated) the Second Genoan Revolution. It is unknown if any of his aliases are his real name.

Early Life Edit

Little is known about the origins of the Professor. Some have speculated that he began as a street urchin on Aeldrum, others that he was a discontented son of a well to-do family who ran away from home. His closest associates might know more, but they have not been forthcoming on the matter.

His first known adventures were small affairs on Aeldrum - counting cards, scamming casinos, and so forth. At some point he was recruited into the arms trade and began a career as both a legitimate arms dealer and a con artist.

Adventures in Ireland Edit

The Great Fialta Scam Edit

Genoan Revolution Edit

Last Hurrah on Telrion Edit

Later Life Edit