The Hybern Sector consists of several major worlds and substates. Collectively, these account for 7% of The Imperium’s total economic and industrial power and a comparable share of its population.  More importantly, Hybern is the bleeding edge of the Imperium’s frontier and much of the Imperium’s outward expansion in the last century has occurred through the Hybern Sector (including the conquest of the Episurian Dwarves)

Major Substates Edit

Arranged in order of importance.

Neighboring States Edit

The Hybern sector has several neighbors, some beholden to the Imperium and others not.

Dynasties Edit

While many officials of The Hybern Sector are drawn from the lower aristocracy, the fleet, the civil service or some part of the Imperial Core, many of the most important titles, including governorship of five of the nine major substates of the Sector, are essentially hereditary, belonging to the following dynasties: