The Arcane Rapier is a (usually) unnamed blade with distinctive magical properties. It is most noteworthy for being among the few magical weapons whose properties come from the material from which it is fashioned rather than an Eldritch influence.

Physical Description Edit

The rapier is a long thin blade measuring approximately 47 inches in length and weighing 2.5 pounds. It has both a crossguard and a basket hilt. The basket hilt is an ornate leaf design that appears too thin to be useful but actually does not bend under any pressure tested thus-far. The handle is polished wood. The pommel and ends of the crossguard are marble with a gold-ball trim.

The overall design is reminiscent of those that came from The Mage Imperium, and the blade is known to be at least as old, so many suspect it to have been created during the Imperium's existence.

Properties Edit

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History Edit

Owned most recently by Roy Stallion and his son, Roy Stallion Jr..

A more complete history of the weapon and its cousins is provided by "A Curious History of Blades and Bladework" in the Academy of Saldan's vast library:

  1. Throughout the records of the Mage Princes and later civilizations, a blade with this property is referred to by various titles, but the most common is the Ravenous Hunger. It is primarily depicted as a bastard sword, though some variations show it as a narrower blade.
  2. The creator of the sword was one of the last Mage Princes, Irrilon Lassief. He is depicted in one of the biographic collections as a towering figure clad in shimmering mithril. Purportedly, he made the weapon so powerful by imbuing its very metal with arcane properties, as opposed to the more typical method of inscribing a blade with runes. The sword is also unique in that it attacks the soul without being a possessed weapon.
  3. Irrilon eventually fell in battle against another Mage Prince, who claimed the sword for himself and, intrigued by its properties, melted it for further study. It is said that lesser blades were reforged from this metal and passed on to various servants of Irrilon's rival, at which point they disappear from the historical record.
  4. Several millennia after the fall of the Mage Princes, such a blade reappeared in the annals of a Fialta mercenary company. Now a curved dagger, it was used by the company's captain to kill a demonically possessed foe. The captain claimed that the blade could drain the essence of etheric creatures and once used it to threaten a dark angel of Valdos. The dark angel was not amused and promptly killed him. Accounts vary but suggest that the angel either vaporized the blood from the captain's veins or incinerated his brain. In any event, the dagger passed in the angel's possession before reappearing some centuries later in the armory of a Grandmaster of the Knights of Adarnum. At the time of the book's first printing 400 years ago, the blade was already gone, gifted to a trusted servant of the Order.
  5. Similar blades appear in various capacities and sizes. Many wielders who carried the weapons throughout their careers seem to have achieved truly extraordinary feats, though they almost always perish in acts of bravado or madness.