The Aether is simultaneously the fabric of space as well as a low-level background energy.

Phenomenon Edit

Aetheric Gates Edit

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Aetheric Gates serve as the entrance to Pocket Dimensions.

Ley Lines Edit

Ley Lines are used to navigate the Aether. They change very slowly and can thus be "mapped". They are also used for discovering new Aetheric Gates, as they will distort in a way noticable to finely tuned tools when they pass near an Aetheric Gate.

Pocket Dimensions Edit

Main article: Pocket Dimensions

Pocket Dimensions are where Aetheric space has folded over itself many times due to the presence of a massive object, usually a new world. Aetheric Gates are imperfections in that folding.

Applications Edit

Fuel Edit

Because the Aether is energy, it can be harvested and used to power machinery, as indeed most ships do while in transit.

Electricity Edit

Aetheric energy naturally flows more quickly and readily through quicksilver, a property which can be used to direct its flow into various objects. Aetheric generators and Aetheric converters create aetheric energy to push through the quicksilver "circuts" in order to power engines, aetheric blasters, and even stable computers.

Teleportation Edit

In this particular field of study, matter is converted into energy through Overexposure and sent as waves over long distances through the Aether.

To oversimplify, it is necessary to reassemble the material being teleported while it is in transit. This reconstruction grows exponentially faster as the wave reaches its target.

Transmutation Edit

Transmutation is similar to Teleportation, but the waves are usually reassembled on the spot, and modified in such a way as to change the material.

Transmutation is a much newer field of research than Teleportation, only having been taken seriously in the past century.

Dangers Edit

Null Space Edit

Naturally occuring or due to overharvesting, Null Space is area with little-to-no etheric energy. These regions are where the "skin" of reality is stripped bare and where horrors like The Unnamed can start to affect reality and "tap" on the surface of creation. Passing through these zones is known to cause individuals to go mad.

On the other hand, these zones are much easier for etheric computations and the Machine God Baradun has claimed many such sites for unknown purposes.

Overexposure Edit

Exposure to a large amount of etheric energy instantly energizes whatever it comes into contact with. This process is extremely important for the fields of Teleportation and Transmutation.

Still Space Edit

Space containing etheric energy that does not flow. Results of The Pantheon War, this kind of space could be used to communicate or travel between Planes of existence.