First Lieutenant Pierre Vells was a half-elvish officer of the Aeldrum Trade Company. He accompanied the ATC expedition to New South Saldan during the events of the Black Pyramid Campaign, serving as first officer to Captain Pascius. A bastard nephew of Governor Jean Claude Farandole, Vells was one of the few ATC officers to know the expedition's true purpose, which was to find and secure the Black Pyramids.

Personality Edit

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History Edit

Early Life Edit

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The Black Pyramids Edit

In classic ATC tradition, of course, the Lieutenant's first priority was his own enrichment. After reluctantly helping Sergeant Janus to assassinate Captain Pascius and leave him in a shallow desert grave, Vells promoted himself to Acting Captain and secured one of the Black Pyramids, but not before seizing as many artifacts as he could from the Kirvan Oasis, the site of the ATC's forward base. After a slave uprising, desertion by the Telranian auxiliaries under Tamarak (a loyal friend of Captain Pascius) and constant interference by the Cult of the Unnamed, Vells's embattled position led him to rashly order the ATC forces at the first Aetheric Gate to open fire on an unidentified airship, which Vells believed to be under Knights Mercantile control. Vells feared that the KM would outflank his remaining forces and cut off his retreat from the Pyramid to the Aetheric Gate. Ultimately, Vells was incinerated by the blast-back of the Black Pyramid as it fired a second time to seal the third Aetheric Gate, which led to the twisted domain of the Scaled Man.