Jean Claude Farandole, a native to the elvish enclaves, was an elvish member of the Aeldrum Trade Company, retained as part of its colonial law enforcement apparatus in Dalcia, Russia.

Personality Edit

Farandole was notorious both for his corruption and his insistence on framing the various bribes he exacted as reimbursement for various overly complicated administrative procedures and the special personnel, paper and ink they required.

History Edit

During the ATC's last year in Dalcia, Inspector Farandole derived a substantial share of his bribe income from the Knights Mercantile. He used his connections with the KM to briefly and very lucratively corner the local opium market. The Inspector fled Dalcia with many other ATC officials at the first outbreak of the Shambler Virus.

After paying off several internal affairs officers who had been on his trail, the Inspector bought into a cotton farming venture on another ATC colony, claiming that he had lost all taste for the silk business. In very short order, however, the Inspector was running an illicit drug farming operation. Still one step ahead of a growing crackdown on corruption within the ATC, he retired to an estate in Ireland, where he resided until the Kildare Uprising, when several other elvish landlords were hanged by Irish militants who overwhelmed a company of Aeldrum Dragoons whose weapons inexplicably malfunctioned. Fearing for his life, Farandole returned to Aeldrum proper, where he was contacted by the Count of Lidenia, who helped the former inspector to rejoin the ATC and reach the rank of High Governor. Farandole would serve as Mimir's agent with the Aeldrum Trade Company, helping him to orchestrate the events of The Black Pyramid Campaign.