Ingrid Gewerschmidt was a Polish-German scientist, member of the Black Cell Lab during the Great German War, and later a member of the Knights Mercantile. She participated in the expansion of the KM's influence to Russia and the reconquest of Dalcia before rumors concerning her research into immortality (and the Shambler plague) led her to vanish from Russia and all Knights Mercantile records.

History Edit

Early Life and War Crimes Edit

Knights Mercantile Career Edit

Records indicate that Ingrid was seconded to the Russian Knights Mercantile Chapter as a governess for "Nat," the son (though his gender was disputed by observers) of an influential member of the KM. Though Ingrid's official role was to keep the young dilettante in line, she was in fact deployed as part of a deep cover operation by the backers of the Russian Charter to eliminate Nat and his family as part of an intra-organizational power struggle. Ingrid was to keep tabs on Nat and ensure his survival as a bargaining chip until confirmation of his parent's assassination.

When Nat met an entirely unplanned end at the hands of the Dalcian Communist Front, Ingrid was free to reveal herself to the Charter as a Knight Mercantile operative. Her former Black Cell Lab colleague, Dr. Schulz had already been made aware of the operation and participated in helping Ingrid to maintain her cover until Nat's death (although rumors surrounding Schulz's possible parentage of Nat led later organizational historians to question whether he would have allowed Ingrid to actually kill him).

Legacy Edit

Ingrid's critical role in the success of the KM operation to expel the Aeldrum Trade Company from Dalcia ensured her place in Russia and Knight Mercantile history. However, she also left a more personal mark; in order to conduct her illicit experiments