The Fialta-Shantine War, as the name implies, was a war between the Shantine Empire and the Fialta.

Background Edit

Beginning in 398 A.U.[?], a coalition of The Church of Valdos, several great lords of the Thalranese Marches and various princelings, adventurers and mercenary captains of The Fialta States invaded the Shantine frontier worlds.

In the war with the Fialta, The Shantine Empire deployed a mix of religious militants (e.g. The Knights of Adarnum and the Idolmar Hospitallers, usually as cavalry and heavy infantry), semi-professional imperial infantry (part constabulary-turned-army, part foreign legion) and auxiliary forces from the border protectorates. Conscription has been introduced for the defense of certain worlds, but no imperial decree exists yet. The Shantine fleet has a strong core of warships supplemented by refitted cargo vessels from The Bishant Trade Company.

Soldiers of the Shantine Alliance

Planets Involved in the War Edit

The war currently had several major planetary theaters:

Milgar Edit

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A resource-rich world recently added to the Shantine Empire as a protectorate, currently being overrun by the Fialta. A fighting retreat by the Shantine Imperial Army (supported by the larger local militia) has delayed the Fialta advance, but the defenders will need reinforcements if they are to survive. As long as Milgar holds, the Fialta must defend a considerably longer supply line to Zanevuela, vulnerable to attacks by Shantine privateers and freelance pirates.

Zanevuela Edit

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A strategically important world with an etheric gate connecting into the core region of the Shantine Empire (two weeks from Bishant). Its shipyards were also the foundation of The Shantine Navy along the Fialta border. A recent aetheric battle has left the Shantine warfleet crippled and the Fialta in control of an etheric gate. The Fialta are still months from plausibly seizing the gate in the heart of the Shantine Empire, and Zanevuela will be staunchly defended. If the Shantine can hold against the Fialta here, they may be able to simply outlast the unity of the enemy coalition through a strategy of mutual exhaustion.

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