Character Points are used in the Character Creation process. At character creation fixed number of points are given out to the player who must then choose how to spend them. They may also be purchased in the course of a campaign using experience points, at a rate of Tier*85 experience points (Tiers are rounded down to the last 12 point increment).

How to Calculate Edit

Tier Points
1 12
2 24
3 36
4 48
5 60

Human characters get 3 extra Character Points.

How to Spend Edit

Cost Reward
1 3 Skill Points

or Increase HP by 1

or Increase any bonus by 1

2 Increase Base Attack Bonus by 1

or increase base Armor Class by 2

3 Increase an Attribute by 1

or buy a Feat (though some are cheaper - ask DM)

Varies Buy a Special Ability (but confirm with DM first)

Most 3.5 Feats cost 3 CP