Non-Player Characters are the characters controlled in part or in full by the Game Master. They often exist to round out the universe of the GM's imagination, although many of them are directly created by Players during character creation.

Davek (Aeldrum Campaign)

Grand Master Alexios (Aeldrum Campaign)

Koros / Brother Felix (Skinchanger Campaign, Expedition Campaign, Aztlan Campaign)

Father Wendell (Expedition Campaign)

Frederick Hopkins (Expedition Campaign, Russian Campaign, Heist Campaign (Cameo), Aztlan Campaign (Cameo))

Inspector Farandole (Russian Campaign, Black Pyramid Campaign (Cameo))

Dr. Doc Ray Junior Jr. (Russian Campaign)

Agent Petrov (Russian Campaign)

Tsar Pyotr (Russian Campaign)

Tsarevich Alexander (Russian Campaign)

Tsetsarevich Pyotr (Russian Campaign)

Jack Daniels & Dmitri Smirnoff (Russian Campaign)

Captain Constantinos (The One-Shot Series)

Captain Alexios (The One-Shot Series)

Billy the Urchin (Russian Campaign)

The Stooge Troika (Russian Campaign)

Pavel Hetmanovich (Russian Campaign)

Tomas (Russian Campaign)

Tibaldo (Shambler Campaign)

Pavel the Telranian (Shambler Campaign)

Dr. Garrel the Automaton (Shambler Campaign, Heist Campaign [cameo])

"Mayor" Dan Harrel (Shambler Campaign)

Karl the Artillery Grunt (Expedition Campaign)

The Quartermaster(s) (Russian Campaign, Aztlan Campaign, Black Pyramid Campaign [cameo])

Captain Pascius (Black Pyramid Campaign)

Lt. Vells (Black Pyramid Campaign)

Shakar (Black Pyramid Campaign)

Tamarak (Black Pyramid Campaign)

Sgt. Janus (Black Pyramid)

Dr. Harlan Niels (Black Pyramid)

Jacob Parr (Skinchanger Campaign)

Adolphos Knecht (Skinchanger Campaign)

Lucian (Skinchanger Campaign, Heist Campaign)

Lucius Valain (Skinchanger Campaign)

Marius (Aztlan Campaign)

Agent Grayson / Magisterial Officer Griffis (Aztlan Campaign, Mafia Campaign)

Casimir the Librarian (Black Pyramid Campaign)

Aztlan (Expedition Campaign, Aztlan Campaign)

Ilo the Harrowed Man (Aztlan Campaign)

Sgt. Marius (Aztlan Campaign)

Don Urbino (Mafia Campaign)

Alfredo the Foreman (Mafia Campaign)

Don Carmine Figaro (Mafia Campaign)

"Don" Julio Figaro (Mafia Campaign)

Giotto Cabello (Mafia Campaign)

Joey the Mechanic (Mafia Campaign)

The Mule (Mafia Campaign)

Jimmy Equis (Mafia Campaign)

The Spaniard (Mafia Campaign)

El Pido (Mafia Campaign)

The Elf Woman (Russian Campaign)

Doctor Tam Antelv (Milgar Campaign)

Jan Piers (Milgar Campaign)

Doctor Anselm Trobe (Milgar Campaign)

Flazel (Milgar Campaign)

Governor Fredowl Sammokku (Milgar Campaign)

Prince Statler Sammokku (Milgar Campaign)

Lord-Captain Nold Tul'Sammokku (Milgar Campaign)

Dante Tul'Sammokku (Milgar Campaign)

Petra Keith (Milgar Campaign)

Duncan (Milgar Campaign)

Grand Captain Tiello (Milgar Campaign)

Grand Captain Somille (Milgar Campaign)

Admiral Horatio (Milgar Campaign, mentioned)

Lord Administrator Clarence Keith III (Milgar Campaign)

Prince Clarence Keith IV (Milgar Campaign)

Aria Tul'Sammokku (Milgar Campaign)

Raolf Sammokku (Milgar Campaign)

Ambassador Altiel (Milgar Campaign)

Sloane (Milgar Campaign)

Varal (Milgar Campaign)

Dalthos of Dalthad (Milgar Campaign)

Irina Luisa Di Limont (Milgar Campaign)

The Muppet Cabinet (Milgar Campaign)

Judah Brahm (Milgar Campaign)

Governor Brahm (Milgar Campaign)

Clara Keith (Milgar Campaign)

Leo Cronin (Ireland Campaign)

"Daft" Smitty (Ireland Campaign)

Aed Dillon (Ireland Campaign)

Donkey (Ireland Campaign)

Grandma O'Finnegan (Ireland Campaign)

Rath (Ireland Campaign)

Ellie Collins (Ireland Campaign)

Patrick Connolly (Ireland Campaign)

Patricia Connolly (Ireland Campaign)

Allie Corcoran (Ireland Campaign)

Tom O'Leery (Ireland Campaign)

Mary Seacole (Ireland Campaign)

Dendra (Ireland Campaign)

General Grouchy (Ireland Campaign)

Governor Sabine Rothclaw (Ireland Campaign)

The Milanese Gang (Ireland Campaign)