Billy was an urchin in Dalcia who became the footman of Dr. Hans Schulz during The Russian Campaign until his untimely demise at the hands of Mr. T.

Personality Edit

Billy was a classically cute little urchin, always endeavoring to be pleasing (for a crecible or two). His ambitions for life grew as he accompanied Schulz, sensing that the wealth, power, and ambition of his benefactor would slosh out directly onto him (a fact that was constantly reaffirmed by Schulz's assumption that Billy would take his cut of any job he sent him on). Yet despite his ambitions for affluence, he genuinely enjoyed being in the presence of Schulz and got a very different impression of him than almost everyone else. Despite their terrifying introduction, Billy found the old man to be awe-inspiring — terrifying in his efficiency, perhaps a little insane, but constantly looking to improve both himself and the people who supported him.

Billy was also classically daring and perhaps overconfident, thinking little of the Dalcian gangs and the danger that they and others in the city posed to him (and later to his benefactor).

History Edit

Introduction to the Party Edit

Billy was one of many street urchins who offered their services to newcomers in order to help them avoid the various gangs of Dalcia. He had the misfortune, however, of choosing to approach the Knights Mercantile expedition led by Finnegan and Dr. Hans Schulz, the latter of whom he was so afraid of during their initial meeting that he shit his pants right in front of him.

Work in Dalcia Edit

After that embarrassing introduction, Billy made himself useful as Schulz's courier and native guide, seeking out help from locals, bringing the neighborhood doctor to help the party recover from its various brawls, and generally hanging around being a cute ruffian. Billy began to look up to Schulz, despite their introduction, as an admirable figure, a gentleman of intellect and means (if not sanity) whom Billy could aspire to become one day, especially if their enterprise happened to succeed.

Moscow and Death Edit

As their enterprise began to expand as the result of an arms deal struck with the Russian Opium Cartel, Schulz decided to take Billy on a journey to Moscow in order to gather some supplies for the manufacture of arms and poison gas in Dalcia. Billy had never been on a train before and was excited to be going on a new adventure. He accompanied Schulz through a riot and several visits to government officials, when he, Schulz, and Mr. T were accosted by a homeless person, high on some sort of psychedelic. After Schulz defused the situation by dropping his purse on the ground and pouring acid all over the miscreant's face, Mr. T, in his infinite wisdom, decided that this individual's drugs must be a great thing to try, and began hallucinating.

Dr. Schulz quickly whipped up some chloroform and gave it to Billy, but it was not enough to subdue the insane goblin, and Mr. T grabbed Billy, carrying him through a wild rush though the streets of Moscow. They quickly attracted the attention of the city watch, who chased Mr. T up to the top of a building, carrying Billy all the way. In wild, hallucination-induced desperation, Mr. T jumped, taking Billy with him. Billy fell to the cobblestones and broke his neck.