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Lady Astrid Keith was a Mage Princess at the twilight of The Imperium. She was notable for her incredible skill in Aetherics research and for her leading role in The Episurian War, rising to the rank of Vice Admiral under the guidance of Admiral Cuthbert Horatio. After the war, she was forced into a marriage, arranged by her father Lord Clarence Keith II, with Statler Samakko, whom she conspired to murder with the aid of many of the other members of the Milgravian court.

History Edit

Born to the prominent Keith family of Telrion, she was drafted to command her family's fleet during The Episurian War, where she rose to the rank of Vice Admiral. Astrid participated (involuntarily) in the genocide of the Dwarves of Kartak, the Episurian capital world, under the orders of Admiral Horatio. The horror of her crimes scarred her for the rest of her life.

After serving the Imperium in the Episurian War, Lady Keith entered into a politically arranged marriage to Statler Sammokku. She would ultimately arrange her husband's assassination, leading to the brief but devastating Milgravian Succession War, in which the Keith family supported Lady Keith's daughter, Petra as Governor of Milgar. After the defeat of the Keith faction, Lady Keith fled Milgar and returned to her homeworld of Telrion, where she retired from political life to focus on a career in aetheric research. Some years later, Astrid reactivated her naval commission and rose to the rank of commodore in the Imperial Navy's Hybern Sector Fleet.